Abraham A. Neufeld

Born November 10, 1843

Died March 18, 1928

Married to

Maria Reddig Born 1853


John Abraham Neufeld 1882-1968

Mary Neufeld 1884-1968

Helena Neufeld 1885-1938

Minnie Neufeld 1887-1957

Anna Neufeld 1890-1918

Elizabeth Neufeld 1893-1970

Emmanual Neufeld 1896-1988

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Abraham A. Neufeld




Born 10 November 1843, Chortitza Colony South Russia. He filled out a passport application (see below) that indicates his date of birth as 10 November 1842. I assume 1842 is the correct year but it is not conclusive.

Baptized in the Einlage Mennonite Bretheren Church about 1862

Married Agatha Friesen on 16 Nov 1864. (26 Apr 1929 - 15 Dec 1878)

He immigrated to the United States on the S. S. Wyoming, arriving in New York 26 June 1876. He was accompanied by his wife Agatha Friesen (26 April 1829 - 15 Dec 1878) and son Abraham D. Neufeld (18 Jan 1867 - 8 January 1958).

Married Maria Reddig (27 Aug 1853 - 13 Aug 1942) on 9 Apr 1881.

He made a trip back to the Russian Dominions by way of Vienna in September of 1888. The purpose of the trip is unknown but may have been delayed until he became a US citizen. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States on April 9, 1888 and applied for his passport on August 31, 1888. The passport has the Seal of the United States embeded in a watermark.

Maria Reddig and the children listed on the left are shown in the picture above with John Abraham Neufeld.